If you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating at a Mongolian Barbecue restaurant, you know that having food prepared inches from your plate is kind of a fun experience. Cooking tables from German kitchen outfitters Alno give the same experience at home.

Originally created by design students at the Muthesius College of Art in Kiel, Germany, the cooking tables incorporate preparation, cooking and dining areas all in one piece of furniture.

The unique tables include features like flip-up glass covers that protect the cooktop when down and protect the diners from cooking splatters when up. Although most in the range are free-standing, one model is a cooking surface that attaches to an existing dining table.

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Certain models of the cooking tables include movable eating surfaces that can be adjusted to provide sitting room on one side of the cooking surface or the other. The unusual tables are ideal for small-space kitchens in which counter space, cooking surfaces and dining space are all in constant competition.