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What if you could recharge batteries without any extra effort, time or cost? More than one designer has attempted to harness the kinetic energy of daily human activities and repetitive motions found in everyday machines – including a number of recent innovations that revolve around kinetic energy balls.


One such idea involves kinetic orbs harassing the power of your laundry cycles to create an electric charge suitable for other applications. The pitfall of this strategy, as you might already be thinking, is of course that there is presumably more energy needed up-front from the conventional outlet in order to create the requisite motion to generate new energy. In short, is any energy truly ‘saved’ or is this just a clever alternative way to tap into the grid?


Another elegantly simple solution is a variant on ancient Chinese exercise balls used for meditation and exercise. In this case, there is again no energy necessarily conserved. However, unlike in the washing machine gadget, this mode uses human-generated energy – which, depending upon what you eat, could come from a sustainable source and is likely energy you would expend anyway in other ways.