Concrete is rarely considered a subtle material, but artificially subjected to the corrosive forces of time and the elements shows another side to its potential. “Concrete, as it has been known for more than 2000 years, died in early 2004. Born during the Roman Empire, Traditional Concrete thrived as aqueducts, sidewalks and lawn gnomes.”

Gore Design Co. works on fireplaces, furniture, counters and more, but their sinks stand out from the collection, and reflect a rather aggressive philosophy of creative self-expression.

Some are simple cast shapes that add interest to flowing water, while others exhibit material processes found in nature or simply imposed by, say, a hand printed on still-curing concrete.

“A full-blown green design studio. Fewer credit cards. One guy plus a small creative team who’ve decided this is where they want to be. We’re a little off-kilter. We like caffeine. We were damaged by soul-draining corporate jobs. We’ve recovered. We wear shorts and T-shirts to work. We eat a lot of sandwiches. We recycle. We make beautiful, functional art. We’re believers in change. There’s little that we don’t see within our reach. We love what we do. We know we can do more, and we will…”