Themed art hotel Propeller Island kids roomo

The Propeller Island Hotel is a famous themed art hotel – in fact, one of the most famous in the world. And with good reason. It provides everything from frightening adult-only rooms to vintage interiors and even incredible rooms just for the kids – like this colorful castle-themed room.

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Themed art hotel Propeller Island

While many people wish to get away from it all but find it hard to leave the kids behind, this room provides a way to bring them along but allow them their own experience while the adults do, well, whatever they want to do. Or, well, the adults could rent this too …

“These are aesthetic inventions for the eyes and ears. propeller island, the german artist Lars Stroschen publishes his audio-visual concepts under this pseudonym. unlimited diversity, nothing to repeat and nothing to copy is the intention. The most popular result: the CITY LODGE, a habitable work of art in Berlin, whose wealth of ideas knows how to cast a spell on everyone and still inspires guests in the long term. a magnet for creative people, those who are dulled by consumption, those who look differently, philosophers and seekers of perspective. visited by personalities from all over the world, this vision machine is also a popular location for photo sessions and video clips. maybe that’s why the rooms seem so familiar.”

Themed art hotel Propeller Island murals

The detailed origin story from the artist is even cooler:

“To fund my music projects and my studio, I turned two rooms in my flat into guest’s rooms. Because normal rooms it would have been far too boring, the first rooms of CITY LODGE were created. The rooms quickly became very popular via the press, especially in England, and soon the letting out became so much work that I had almost no time left for my studio projects. I decided to enlarge the guest room business, thinking that I would be able to hire staff and therefore have more time for my studio. How naive!”
“An old pension hotel in the same building seemed perfect for the expansion. I was lucky, the lease had just run out and it was up for sale. It took over five years to complete PROPELLER ISLAND. During that time I designed hundreds of interior elements, objects, and pictures and drew up new concepts. As a ‘non-hotelier’, I had to learn to think about safety regulations for guests and also convince authorities of the practicality of my fantasy interiors.
It was a long hard road that makes me even more proud of my giant work of art, since so many doubted that I would ever manage to make it work. It is attracting art lovers from all over the worlds- even ‘proper’ architects and ‘proper’ hoteliers!”