JOANY, formally known as Impact Health, is an insurance guru that strives to find the best quality healthcare for its clients. Founded by Christina Carrillo and Helen Lee, the company relocated to the Bloc office tower in downtown Los Angeles in 2018.

JOANY's Los Angeles Offices

As part of the move, the company also strove to create a new office environment that more accurately reflected their values. Interior designer Kelly Robinson was ultimately tasked with bringing their vision to life.

Robinson strongly believes that the quality of our lives and businesses can be enhanced by the everyday environments around us. Robinson was a clear choice when picking an interior designer for the redesign, as her work tends to promote health and vitality.

JOANY's Los Angeles Offices JOANY's Los Angeles Offices

Co-founder Christina Carrillo has had a tremendous impact on the company’s success, leading always with a bold and fearless approach. These qualities inspired Robinson to pitch the idea of implementing a “Growroom” in the office’s entrance. This globe-shaped garden is meant to make an eye-catching first impression while planting the thought of growing one’s own food in spectators’ heads.

Growroom JOANY's Los Angeles Offices

The office also shines a light on women in power, as artist Jose Carrillo was hired to fill one of its walls with images of strong female figures. At the center of the mural, you’ll see Wonder Woman surrounded by pops of pink and blue street art, which themselves are contrasted by inspirational quotes in black ink. To keep the visual interest on the art, Robinson tapped Casey McCafferty of CBM Woodworks and Megan Sosik of TwoFurnish to supply custom neutral millwork and modern yet comfortable furniture for the space.

JOANY's Los Angeles Offices

While the company’s move was largely indicative of a fresh start, it also gave them room to accommodate their increasing number of employees. Robinson had to create a homey feel all throughout the office, especially in its more secluded sections. The fabrics in these rooms are kept soft and clean to maintain the unique and cozy aesthetic.

The JOANY team explains that they do their best to live by the traits exhibited by their icon, Joan of Arc. This lifestyle spoke through Robinson’s design, with heroes and heroines being commemorated in virtually every workspace. Pictures of inspiring individuals are hung up on the walls to remind both employees and clients that JOANY believes in activism, determination, passion, and persistence.

JOANY's Los Angeles Offices JOANY's Los Angeles Offices

To keep up with modern functionality, MASHstudios provided the individual workstations for JOANY’s employees. These high-end desks can be found scattered throughout the office.

JOANY's Los Angeles Offices JOANY's Los Angeles Offices

Prioritizing wellness is extremely important to the founders of JOANY, who believe that success isn’t attainable without “a second to breathe.” The “Cry Room” provides employees with a place to meditate, read, and even cry after a particularly overwhelming phone call. This room has been equipped with Hush Pods by London-based furniture designer Freyja Sewell so employees can have all the privacy they need.

JOANY's Los Angeles Offices Hush Pods

“People underestimate how much design impacts a company’s culture and values. Kelly thoughtfully designed a space for us that inspires people to do their best work yet still reminds each of us that humans come to work here,” says Carrillo.