Who didn’t love gazing into a kaleidoscope as a child, getting lost in all its shifting polychromatic patterns? The psychedelic effect of those mirrored shapes was mesmerizing, to say the least. When we take similar geometric arrangements and throw them up on a wall, they’re just as dazzling, bringing a fun graphic zing into interior spaces. Whether you take the time to arrange them in a mathematical pattern or just want to create looser, more abstracted compositions, glass and ceramic kaleidoscopic tiles are sure to make a striking impact in your home.

Fruit Salad — Juju Papers

Fruit Salad Fruit Salad

Designer Avery Thatcher of Portland, Oregon-based Juju Papers presents a stunning new cement tile line called “Fruit Salad,” containing juicy hues within softened kaleidoscopic patterns. A former tile installer, Thatcher knows how tough tiling can be, which is why she wanted to create a fun, modern solution that could easily be integrated into the average home. Because the design is slightly abstracted, there’s no complicated installation pattern to follow. Just rotate each tile however you like to produce your own unique design.

The Fruit Salad collection comes in four different styles, each with either a white or black center. All of these eight-inch-diameter tiles are handmade in Mexico, and if the lilac, ochre, blush, blue, and persimmon colors aren’t enough for you, you can always just custom order any palette you like.

Keidos Tiles — enticdesigns

Keidos Keidos Keidos Keidos

Created by enticdesigns for Spanish atelier MUT, the psychedelic “Keidos” series aims to break free of formal tiling traditions with a fresh approach. The four pieces that make up the collection incorporate both symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes in either warm or cool tones. These pieces can then be mixed with all-white hexagonal tiles to create custom patterns.

“Little, delicately-colored, and irregular segments have become the common denominator for this new project,” says enticdesigns. “Conceptualized to allow for thousands of combinations, the new design for enticdesigns offers as many unique solutions as there are spaces.”

Splinter Tiles — Popham Design

Splinter Splinter Splinter Splinter

Popham Design founders Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes employ a team of “mellows,” or Moroccan tile artisans, to manufacture their colorful collections. Aiming to help keep this North African nation’s artisanal culture alive, the duo uses custom molds and an energy-efficient hydraulic press to produce cement tiles in shapes like “Splinter.”

Artisan Tiles — The Conran Shop and Bert & May

Artisan Tiles Artisan Tiles Artisan Tiles

When put on a tile, even the simplest shapes can produce unexpectedly beautiful patterns. When you first look at the individual tiles in this soft, understated collection designed by The Conran Shop and produced by Bert & May artisans, it’s hard to see their full potential. It’s only when you put them together that all of their elegant scrolls and oceanic waves come into view. This collaborative work comes in The Conran Shop’s signature shade of blue, as well as gray paired with a seashell pink.

Kaleidoscope Tessera — Oceanside Glasstile

Kaleidoscope Tessera Kaleidoscope Tessera

Translucent glass tiles can be a refreshing alternative to ceramic ones, as illustrated by Oceanside Glasstile’s hand-cut “Kaleidoscope Tessera” collection. The company teamed up with recycled glass surface manufacturer Vetrazzo to produce custom installations inspired by Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year, the jewel-toned “Oceanside” blue. The “Coastal Cool Collaboration” pairs the geometric Kaleidoscope Tessera design with Vetrazzo’s “Cubist Clear” countertop.