Kaleidoscope cabinet 1

What would otherwise be a relatively ordinary display of antique silver turns into a kaleidoscopic array of reflected imagery painted with rainbow hues in ‘The Space Between the Void.’ This piece by Sebastian Errazuriz visually multiplies anything that is placed inside it with a lining of triangular beveled mirrors.

Kaleidoscope Cabinet 2

“This particular cabinet was created in memory of an old aunt I had when growing up that always told us we could ‘look but never touch’ the beautiful objects she had in her house,” says the artist. This inaccessibility made the objects seem even more special.

Kaleidoscope Cabinet 3

But Errazuriz included a way to enjoy the objects that’s even more magical than simply opening the cabinet doors and taking in the full effect.

Kaleidoscope Cabinet 4

Kaleidoscope Cabinet 5

Kaleidoscope Cabinet 6

Installed in one side of the cabinet is a peephole that enables the viewer to glimpse the illuminated interior in all its dizzying beauty, the cherished items seeming to go on and on forever.