Slide Apartment

Rather than feeling like an afterthought, the silvery swirling slide at the center of this apartment in Ukraine almost seems as if the entire interior was built around it. The eye-catching feature is perfectly complemented by contemporary decor in a restrained color palette, especially when viewed from the kitchen alongside a double-height living wall. The apartment is located on the top floor of a 20th century building.

Slide winds through a modern apartment Swirling side adjacent to a green wall view of slide from top floor

The owners of the Kharkiv apartment in Kiev, Ukraine asked Ki Design Studio to add some functionality to the then-unused second floor, along with some kind of bold design statement that would impress their guests. The architects created a series of built-ins throughout the interiors in a warm medium-toned wood, including a compact kitchen tucked right beneath the new staircase.

Their solution is truly one of a kind. Though a slide might be a childlike feature to have in a home, this one feels fit for adults on every level, perhaps even tailored to them. It feels like a natural addition to the space, adding a sense of playfulness that complements the warmth and character of all the wood and brick.

Slide empties into living room View of the top floor Custom built-in office space

The slide starts just outside the new home office on the second floor, zooms past the green wall and around a corner to deliver guests directly to the living room, which features a long cozy window seat, a wood accent wall and a hammock. Upstairs, custom features like a striking built-in contemporary desk set against a brick wall painted black continue the bespoke theme.

All in all, “GG Apartment” is an inspirational space, and it might just make you peer up at your own ceilings to determine whether you could get away with adding a fun feature like this to your home. Because, why take the stairs to get from an upper level to the lower floor when you could just slide instead?