When you can buy a quality product and help others at the same time, it’s truly a win-win. Just Porter’s Buy a Bag, Give a Bag does exactly what it promises, donating backpacks stuffed full of school supplies to needy kids when you buy one. But it also takes it a step further.

It all started 10 years ago when Just Porter founder Chris Bahr was in the Philippines doing humanitarian work. He saw a school in the barrio that had no windows or electricity and desks made out of scrap wood. He walked straight to the local market and used all the money he had on him to buy pencils, paper and other school supplies, and when the kids were so happy with his gifts, he felt compelled to do more.

Bahr realized that simply donating the bags from his company wouldn’t work — he’d be taking business from local sellers and also affecting the job market locally. His solution? “We select an area where there are children in need and work with local businesses to manufacture ‘give bags,’ buy school supplies from local businesses and work with the local schools,” says the Just Porter team. “Together, we support communities, families and children.” And investing in education pays impressive dividends in the fight against poverty.

Just Porter customers play a vital role in the whole process, of course. They buy a high-quality bag with a lifetime warranty, and also know they are helping children thrive in school.

So what sets Just Porter backpacks apart from other bags on the market? We’ll let the designers explain: “We redesigned the backpack from the ground up,” they say. “We stripped the unnecessary pockets, zippers and bad materials from our bags to create a bag with clean design that delivers efficiency for you.”

The company sources its materials from the US and other countries that are known for top-notch products and keeps a close eye on the manufacturing to guarantee consistently high quality in the backpacks.

There are several backpack styles. The large Sable Rucksack Travel Backpack works well for travel or day-to-day commuting. It’s weatherproof, and the lined interior keeps everything in its place. The roll-top lets you grab what you need quickly, and also keeps unauthorized hands out, and there’s a padded laptop pocket that’s big enough to protect a 15-inch Macbook Pro. The top flap features convenient magnetic buckles for speedy access. For colors, you have the choice of black, gray or army green.

The Logan Square Laptop Backpack is designed for students or commuters. It has a slim-line profile and holds pens, wallet, tickets… pretty much everything you’ll need while you’re out and about.

The Hazen Professional Backpack can go from briefcase and laptop bag to stay-overnight bag, depending on your schedule. It has side compression straps to let you stow plenty of stuff without looking as if you are.
Other styles include the Streeter College Commuter and the little Piko Backpack, which comes in yellow, camo, red, black and blue.

The bottom line? Just Porter makes it easy to navigate town with all your gear and also do your part in helping to fight poverty through education.