Forget about home for a moment: just imagine the cost savings (not to mention sustainability benefits) of large-scale, mass-washing operations (from laundromats and dry-cleaners to hotels and more) of using ninety percent less water per washed load of linens or clothes.

This strange industrial design solution from Xeros acts at a level almost too small to see: tiny reusable beads that look like grains of rice. A handful of these tossed into a load of laundry essentially soaks up stains, which in turn spread into the beads and allow their surfaces to work the same way for another hundred loads.

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The beads drop down into a separate storage container after the wash cycle and through a spin cycle, slipping through the holes in the drum and allowing the clothes to be removed relatively (or hopefully entirely) bead-free. The result: clothes as clean as a normal washing machine would make them but with a third less energy and nine-tenths less water required.