Scrap heaps and junk piles – one man’s trash, another man’s treasure, as they say. From bathtubs to travel trunks, window frames to car seats, nothing is safe from these Frankenstein-esque redesigners who seem able to take any homely and unloved object and turn it into a work of functional art + seating.

Junktion has worked all kinds of wonders with refuse, but their bench-and-chair sets are particularly compelling – in each instance, one can see what they were built out of in a second. From palettes to shutters, their origins are so clear, it is almost hard to see what their new purpose is at first.

Some involve simple joinery techniques – a few nails or screws to cobble the pieces together. Joined at the hip, four chairs side by side, well, what you see is what you get. Others require cutting chairs straight in half with delicate precision, or slicing through old metal tubs to create a shaped seat.

There is much here to inspire a few do-it-yourself projects, too – the next time you pass a garbage bin, ask yourself: if I had to use these materials (and only these) to construct something, could I do it? In a pinch, you might surprise yourself.