Inspiration is critical to any work environment, whether working from home or creating music with one of the biggest names in the industry: JAY-Z.

Inside JAY Z's Swank new Roc Nation offices in New York City

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The rapper and founder of ROC NATION, an entertainment firm headquartered in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York, recently worked with CEO Desiree Perez and architect Jeffrey Beers to design the company offices in a way that married with the art gallery vibe of the surrounding area. Inside, a collection of structural and wall art accentuates a flowing and open architectural design while introducing a combination of modern furnishings and contemporary art.

Inside JAY Z's Swank new Roc Nation offices in New York City

Inside JAY Z's Swank new Roc Nation offices in New York City

Colorful artwork is the cornerstone of Roc Nation's new office decor.

Beginning with a blank slate, the architecture incorporates high ceilings and copious large windows to allow natural light to flood the area. Metal, glass, and wood finishings along the stairways further accentuate natural elements both inside and out. The lobby and reception areas welcome guests and employees into the offices and present generous gathering spaces for swapping ideas and sharing project concepts. Even the interior rows of offices bring individual workspaces encased in glass for hallways of reflective walls. Material uniformity from top to bottom forms a continuously approachable tour of black frames, concrete floors, and white walls that seamlessly guides you from one area to the next.

Sleek blue conference room in Jay Z's new NYC Roc Nation offices.

According to Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez, “The first thing a visitor notices is that it’s open, transparent, and bold. I want the employees to feel creative without sensing barriers, and I think that makes an enormous difference in what they bring to the table, in terms of ideas.”

In addition to an airy space that leaves plenty of room for creativity to grow, the featured art selections also offer inspiration. For example, a colorful patchwork-style, multi-medium sculpture by artist Nick Cave takes center stage at the base of a stairway to the upper level. Elsewhere, punches of color hit in just the right spots, and subdued prints leave behind sly impressions.

Conference room inside JAY Z's Swank new Roc Nation offices in New York City

Rooftop Patio for JAY-Z's new Roc Nation offices in New York City

“From the start, we wanted to capture and express the hip, modern, industry-leading culture of Roc Nation. The design had to be bold and fearless, and to connect with the creative client ethos,” Jeffrey Beers says.

Layering onto the architectural elements, wall art throughout the building is contemporary and varied. From portraits to animals to colorful abstract art, each space emulates the energetic sense of the city beyond the walls. Within the offices, employees can add their own inspiring touches, as Beers explains when he says “individuality and creativity are encouraged at Roc Nation, and staff can decorate their own work space.” That may take shape with material selection such as leather, brass, or fabrics. Additionally, personal flairs can be seen in soft furnishings like pillows, or in decor selections like lamps and figurines.

Inside JAY Z's Swank new Roc Nation offices in New York City

The four executive suites were custom-designed to match the personality and company role of each occupant. They range from edgy to minimalistic in style, but each centralizes a comfortable environment within a functional space. For an intimate creative zone, a circular theater offers comfort and practicality, combining curving desks and couches with advanced technology. Outdoors, a massive rooftop sitting area delivers comfy furniture and expansive space to breathe fresh air while culminating imaginative artistry.