Ophelis docks overview

Today’s offices are changing. No longer do we crave that huge corner office with the glass walls and the massive wooden desks, nor do we want the air hockey tables and Slushie machines of the 90s. The modern office is all about smart, flexible, multifunctional design.

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Ophelis docks privacy pod
Ophelis docks modular office

German furniture company Ophelis has created a line of office furniture called Ophelis Docks. The “Docks” are like islands in the office where different tasks are carried out. A sitting area here, a brainstorming zone there, a wall cupboard for storage and a desk for doing some serious grown-up working.

Ophelis docks sofas

Each of the pieces in the line is designed with similar dimensions so that they can all fit together perfectly. Two chairs can come together to create a comfortable co-working area, or several couches can be arranged in a cozy little area for a larger meeting of the minds.

Ophelis docks office furniture

The designers call each of these sections “islands” because they can each stand on their own or be used together to create something larger. Rearranging the modules creates completely different types of spaces and functions, changing the way the pieces are used yet keeping the same cohesive aesthetic.

“Ophelis docks is a modular furniture system which allows you to create different islands within a room. With docks, ophelis offers a solution to the wide range of new challenges in the office. Transitional zones – complementing the classic desk workstation – are intended to meet the needs of changing working environments.”

Ophelis Docks layout

“The large number of modules allow individual configurations to be flexibly created, from waiting and lounge areas to acoustically and visually shielded communication areas in open space and temporary sitting and standing workstations. Formally coordinated add-ons such as lights, seating and side tables, which become part of the system via the add-on panel, round off ophelis docks and offer additional options for adaptation to personal requirements. In combination with the intelligent cable management, ophelis docks becomes the optimal workstation.”