Creative design can turn even a normally-stylish product into one that is worthy of more than a second glance. Industrial designer Davide Anzalone’s Re-Cinto sofa is a playful sofa that breaks just about every convention of sofa design.
The Re-Cinto consists of a central seat surrounded by a plywood “container” on three sides and the bottom. The seat sits like an island in the container, but when all of the cushions are in place it resembles a soft and cozy cocoon.
Long rectangular cushions fill the void between the seat and the container on all three sides, and a large seat cushion sits on the wooden sitting area to provide a comfortable place to lounge.
Between the seat and the “floor” of the container is a small void in which to stash books, TV remotes, laptops, and everything else you need to enjoy a day of sitting around.

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The designer was even thoughtful enough to include a hole in the back of the container for a cord to pass through, letting you utilize the outlets that are installed low on your walls which are inaccessible with most sofas.