Out of ruins can rise something new and compelling, and that is exactly how the E/C House on the Azores island of Pico came to be. SAMI Architects were called in to transform the stony ruins of a very old home into this modern masterpiece of  a vacation home that blends old and new.

At one time, the structure was a home that housed people on the top floor and animals on the bottom, which was a common practice for the time. Years of disuse had left a pile of rubble and a partial shell standing.

The architects blended the old with the new, keeping part of the old shell while building a new, modern structure that melds with the ancient stone. A large deck surrounds the home to provide a relaxing outdoor space for the residents when they are on holiday in their one-of-a-kind vacation home.

The interior was made to be modern and sleek, using wood accents and clean white surfaces to contrast beautifully with the decayed stony exterior. Huge windows bathe the interior in golden sunlight, making this a truly unique and spectacular renovation that brings together the best of two worlds.