Fortified Invincible bike

Part of the excitement of city biking: the thrill of returning to find your wheels still where you chained them. Call it transportation roulette, if you will.

That will-it-be-there, won’t-it-be-there intrigue may soon be thing of the past though thanks to the devious minds behind Fortified’s Invincible bike. They are on a mission to prevent bike theft and promote cycling safety.

First, some of the bike’s most popular parts are fitted with theft-resistant bolts to deter thieves.

“Our no-nonsense U-lock adds extra protection to make potential thieves think twice before stealing your bike,” say the Fortified team. “It contains a double-shackling mechanism, which requires would-be-thieves to cut both ends of your lock in order to steal your bike.”

Just how confident are the bike’s designers? Well, if you sign up for the company’s Fortified Theft Protection, your bike is 100-percent covered, and you’d be eligible for a free replacement for your bike or its components if they were stolen. Pretty impressive.

Fortified bike lights

One popular item for thieves is a quality bike light. All of Fortified’s lights attach to the frame with custom theft-resistant security bolts–you need the special tool the company sends you to take off the light. Score one to the good guys. (If a wily crook does manage to beat the system, Fortified will send you a replacement light.)

In fact, it was a stolen bike light that originally inspired the company’s founders to set up shop. After a thief nabbed their friend’s bike light and he was hit by a car (luckily he recovered), they say they realized “that city cyclists needed a champion to design gear that keeps cyclists safe and empowers them to ride with confidence.”

fortified bike tool

Okay, so you’re confident that your bike won’t go AWOL. How does it ride in the city?

Like the sound of flat-resistant tires? Yes, Fortified fits its bicycles with 700 x 32mm puncture-resistant tires, which they say drastically decrease your chances of being sidelined with a flat. Take that, city potholes! No more cursing up a storm and trudging half a mile home or being stranded in an unfamiliar neighborhood at night.

Fortified Invincible bike

You’d think the anti-theft measures and sturdy tires to fend off punctures would be impressive enough, but the Fortified gear-heads offer another selling point, too: the frame and chain are rust-free! They are made to withstand the harshest of winters, fending off salt and snow damage so you can cycle year-round without worry. The frame is constructed with 6061 aluminum, and the chain is zinc-coated to prevent rust. Oh, and the seat is ergonomic and good in all weathers–no more sore, wet butt.

The Invincible bike can be preordered, but you don’t have to wait to give it a spin. If you live in the Northeast, you can schedule a test ride in Boston; if you don’t, email Fortified, and they’ll let you know if they plan test rides closer to you.

Currently the Invincible is available in two models: The one-speed weighs 23 pounds and retails from $399, and the 26-pound eight-speed starts at $649. Both bikes are unisex.