inverted marble table design

This inverted pyramid table made out of marble standing on its end looks like an impossibly heavy monument. It seems to balance on its smallest point, a feat that anyone who knows anything about the laws of physics might find a bit impossible.

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Lythos black marble table up close

The table, called Lythos, was designed by French designer Toni Grilo for furniture label Haymann Editions. Grilo wanted to work with marble but realized that the weight of the material would present some practical challenges. Making it out of a solid block was never really an option due to weight and cost, but she set about on an experimental process to find a way around it.

upside down pyramid table

Initially trying – and then rejecting – a metal honeycomb structure, the designer eventually settled on a lightweight but very tough plastic substrate for the thin marble slices.

“Toni Grilo delivers an impressive carved monolith for Haymann Editions. The Lythos table is a huge slab of black veined Aziza marble (Syria) with an impeccable design: a sacrificial altar or a mineral imbued aperitif in Paris… The Franco-Portuguese desi- gner has naturally created this signature piece in a single-material, in line with the top of the range young French brand .”

Lythos black marble table detail

A small stone counterweight and leather strap help to both keep the tabletop in place and make it easier to move when necessary. The little trick that makes the table look like an inverted pyramid also makes the piece functional.

lythos black marble table

“In 2012 David Haymann launched Haymann Editions with the vision to bring a modern luxury furniture and lighting brand in the long tradition of the french « ensemblier ». A collection that would refect the so called « French elegance » mixing styles, influences and materials, as women play with fashion. With the collaboration of international designers and the best European manufacturers, Haymann’s mission is to bring together these influences into a coherent collection, creating a unique aesthetic mixing tradition, modernity and discret elegance.”