screw up stool

Sitting in a chair that is set to the wrong height can result in back problems and a lot of annoying discomfort. Although many chairs can be adjusted up or down depending on the length of your legs, none of them do it with the same flawless style as the SCRW Stool. SCRW was conceived by German designer Manuel Welsky especially for people who want a simpler, more intuitive way to change their sitting altitude. Want to adjust the height? Just screw up. Or down, if you prefer.

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The seat of the stool is made of cork and it features channels on the side into which the tubular steel frame fits. Because the mechanism for raising and lowering the seat is non-mechanical and features no moving parts (other than the seat itself) there is a very low risk for breaking or misuse. In fact, the concept is so simple that even a child could figure out how to make the seat taller or shorter.

“‘Scrw’ is based on the principle of screwing,” says Welsky. “The new interpretation of a screw makes the height adjustment self-explanatory and easy. Due to the obvious guidance of the screw thread, the ingenious connection comes into focus. Made from high-quality tubular steel, the frame creates an exciting contrast to the cork material from which the body is made. In this combination, the solid cork cylinder appears light and, thanks to its unique properties, offers a comfortable seating experience.”

About designer Manuel Welsky

The Manuel Welsky Design Studio focuses on product and furniture design as well as exhibition and trade fair design. Our designs are based on the affordance theory: functionality through self-explanatory design. We complement this approach with a clear design language, surprising detailed solutions and the courage to use unconventional materials. We never lose sight of economic and ecological aspects. Because our aim is to reconcile the needs of the end user with the wishes of our client.”