Custom wine glass set

Think of this like a positive spin on a previous series of wine glasses inspired by seven deadly sins. In this case, human personalities drive experimental designs – loosely translated from Italian: the introvert, the extrovert, the passionate, the altruistic, the ambiguous, the conservative, the relaxed.

A limited-edition custom set by Gum Design, these are unfortunately not products you can actually buy … at least not yet. Some are entirely impractical, but others would be tempting additions to a kitchen cabinet, at least for special occasions.

Custom tilted wine glass

Custom wine glasses introvert

One major modification defines each, and associates it with a concept – some are created to save wine (like the one with a cork-stopped top) while others would likely spill or spoil it (though the tilts are dynamic and neat, if nothing else).

Here’s how the designers describe this unusual series of novelty wine glasses.

“A collection of wine glasses on the theme of ‘personality’ through a new conceptual and formal interpretation. Small inventions to suggest new uses and new types product. So born seven wine glasses with human characteristics: the introvert, the extrovert, the passionate, the altruistic, the ambiguous, the conservative, the relaxed.”

Custom one off glasses

Custom exhibition glassware

“‘The altruist’ is characterized by the modification of the upper edge of the glass, which turns into a spout; prepares to share the wine with the person sitting next to you without the risk of pouring it on the table. ‘The ambiguous’ does not decide on the shape, it moves and deforms, generating a decorative motif but not functional to the product; denies its essence in a declared way and does not take positions. ‘The conservative’ is a careful glass, able to pay attention to the wine even when it is left; a cork stopper allows the conservation also for the following day.”

“‘The extrovert’ is the well-known Swing goblet, which for this occasion presents itself with its characteristic character, that is to be able to look for a strong contact, involving the consumer. ‘The introvert’ appears instead as a simple glass born with the combination of a half-liter jug; a glass and its carafe, a unique relationship, capable of supplying a single product united by the function and their interpenetration. It fits perfectly into the carafe, turned upside down, and once at the table allows it to be filled for personal use.”

“‘The passionate’ is composed of two goblets presenting the inclined cup, directed one towards the other in a sentimental relationship and friendship; ready already for the toast, open to knowledge and sharing. ‘The relaxed’ is a relaxed glass, willing to satisfy the taster in a peaceful atmosphere; the cup tilts slightly, perfectly decant the wine and stretches towards the mouth. “