How amazing would it be to find the perfect vacation spot and simply plop a pre-fabricated home down on it? That’s the aim of the folks behind PODhouse, a small prefab cabin that can be delivered, electrical wiring and all, to a destination of your choosing.

Available in three sizes, PODhouses are able to accommodate a variety of living situations and preferences. The Menhir is the smallest model, offering a sleeping area that runs from front to back – and not much more room than required for sleeping.

The next step up is the Cauma, a charming tiny cottage that features a door in the middle of the cabin’s length. As seen in the above photo, additions such as small porches are simple enough to make.

The largest model, the Plaun, is large enough to hold a family – though probably not large enough for an indoor trampoline or a friendly game of tag. All of the models can come equipped with an optional entryway called Portal, a small extension of the archway to protect the entrance from the elements.

Each PODhouse has to sit on a simple foundation. The tiny cabins are moved, completely assembled, by trucks and lifted by machinery onto the foundation. Although it can be dropped into place, permits are still required to construct one and an electrician is needed to connect each cabin to the electrical grid if desired.

The German company behind the prefab cottages suggests that they can be used as extension of hotels or as small, nature-based communes. But the best use we can think of is finding a remote spot, plunking down a PODhouse, and simply getting away from it all for a couple of weeks.