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There is something innately relaxing about origami. The peaceful shapes and repetitive motions seem to melt the stresses of the day away. Could the same concept be translated into furniture? Designer Benjamin Hubert thinks so, and he displays this unique take on furniture design with the chair he calls Garment. Using one continuous piece of fabric, the foam chair’s cover is folded in crisp shapes until it neatly envelops the entire expanse of chair.

The folds are held snugly in place with hook and loop tape, ensuring not only that the cover is put into the correct place to start off but that it stays there. The removable cover can easily be taken off and tossed in the wash when needed, or swapped out for a new color when the room’s decorating scheme changes. It’s cheaper than a traditional reupholstering and, dare we say, quite a bit more stylish than the average accent chair.