Benetti moss vertical garden

Commercial and institutional applications of climbing and clinging greens have been on the rise for a while, but residential (and particularly: interior) options are still evolving, albeit at an ever-faster rate.

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Benetti moss vertical garden tiles

These MOSStiles turn interior gardens in on their side, literally and otherwise, making ‘green’ as much a texture or finish as a living material, more like wallpaper or wall art than a potted plant.

Benetti moss vertical garden wall

The stabilized lichen lives off the moisture in the air, thus requiring little to no upkeep – pruning becomes a thing of the past and watering passe as well. Even naturally light is not necessary.

Benetti moss vertical garden bright green

Squares, rectangles, circles – or the reverse of any such geometric shape – are all possible and simple, too, with various shades of green to match any interior color scheme.

So instead of a tough-to-maintain bonsai tree on the one hand … or a set-and-forget cactus on the other … maybe tiles of moss will become the middle ground: vibrant and soft but easy to maintain, too.

Want more from your moss? In theory, it can span whole surfaces, too, acting as a combination accent wall and noise dampener to help soften or nullify sound between interior spaces.

Benetti moss vertical garden colors

“Made of 100%-natural stabilzed lichen, Benetti Moss is ideal for any indoor space. Long-lasting over the years, it requires no maintenance, can be installed on walls or ceilings and can be used in the most unconventional applications, including to give life to contemporary design installations or reproduce company logos.”

“Free your imagination: vertical gardens can be installed anywhere, have sound-absorbing properties and do not attract dust or insects. Whatever your project, you are free to turn it into reality: our preserved vertical gardens are safe in every way and do not require any maintenance. Plus, they are 100% natural.”

“Why limit yourself to just one color? Your vertical garden can be designed to freely combine different shades of green or dress up in a variety of other colors to create any effect you might be looking for. The dying process employs food colorings, which are health-safe and long-lasting.”