Most things about this bathroom are normal – well, normal for a high-end luxury washroom interior anyway. Black stone walls with black cubicles, brass fittings and white walls stand out in stark contrast to the playful blue pattern that immediately catches your eye even before you enter the room.


This unique design tactic makes a bit more sense with additional context: the museum in which it was added was established to promote the fine and decorative arts, but at the same time is a respected and formal institution. In short, the room exists in creative tension between these two functions.


As one enters the bathroom, the pattern at first appears random. It is only upon rounding the bend at the bottom of the stairs that one sees – in the washroom mirrors – the aligned pattern fully revealed. The result is an interactive and artistic design that plays on the fact that a bathroom is a place we travel into and out of – the effect is thus enhanced by being at the culmination of a circulation path rather than at the center of an occupied gathering space.