historic modern addition

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A quaint stone structure with a steeply-sloped roof and many small windows now sits next to a steel monolith with large expanses of glass – two opposites coming together across the ages, much like the four generations now living under its roofs.

historic steel extension

Architect Henri Cleinge (images by Marc Cramer) set up this extension and an intentional dialog between disparate periods of time, leaving the stone structure alone as much as possible on the outside and connecting it delicately to the addition via a single second-story bridge.

historic renovated kitchen

historic old interior

Inside, the original volume retains its rustic character, reinforced with the use of traditional wood furniture and minimal essential renovations. The new space is stark, white and modern by comparison.

historic new interior

historic new plan


historic bridge connectin

The children, grandparents and great grandparents inhabit the old building while the parents and primary clients live in the new. The structures meet through two-level living rooms positioned in close proximity but set at different angles, again to accentuate the distinction of old and new.