movable mannequins at your command

There is something vaguely hedonistic, unruly and playful about these shiny gold figures by Daniel Loves Objects that double as light fixtures. These lamps featuring tiny movable mannequins are as much art as interior furniture – and more interactive than either typically is.

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Having one of these simply would not suffice – their interactivity, either in proximity or at a distance, has huge potential for animating interior spaces and creating virtual, every-changing stories out of inanimate objects. While we are unlikely to see these creative objects in real life they are at least lovely to consider – and the basis for an obvious question: what other everyday home object designs could be somehow anthropomorphized?

“*Electrical wires removed for visualization sake* Imagine the classical movable mannequin takes on a whole new form and style. The classical lamp has evolved much over the years but what if this lamp allows your imagination to run wild? And every movement of joint is at your control? What will the evolution be? The results may be controversial, provoking or elegant. Finished in gold plating for a touch of exquisiteness.”

Movable Mannequins of wars and wits

Another series, called “Of Wars & Wits & Power,” features tiny gold figures holding up a wooden bookcase.

Driven by the recent crisis of certain countries who got very uptight over issues of being asked to disarm their missile test launched, their alarming action to remain hostile and persistent in their belief had stirred me to create this part of a furniture combination to depict their behavioral trait, a bookshelf with their golden army, strategically placed underneath, to uphold and to protect their ultimate plans, frozen in time for all to see.”

movable mannequins what goes around

And finally, little plastic men in a shade of gray help hold a lamp post aloft.

WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND – The post series from the war bookshelves, this 1.7m tall floor standing lamp depicts the ironical struggle of uptight countries who regularly speaks of war on their mouth. Are they struggling amongst themselves or are they still actively erecting their territory flags, these power balancing soldiers in cool gray finished strive to recover that sense of patriotism which may have been washed away. Like an old faded photograph, these gray soldiers are frozen again for the feast of the eyes.”