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The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but maybe the living room is the brain. It is where we gather to converse, to work and play, to socialize and to relax.

These interior design ideas from Italian furniture makers Calligaris make use of light, color, texture and visual weight to create wonderfully balanced rooms.

A mix of materials makes these rooms so fascinating to study. Lighter-than-air acrylic chairs are balanced by dense plush sofas. Blocks of bright color are offset by large expanses of monochromatic space.

What sets these rooms apart from many other model rooms, however, is their livability. They are stylish and beautiful, but not so high-style that one would feel uncomfortable lying down on a sofa.

The sleekly modern interior designs give the perfect inspiration for the real-world home, reminding would-be decorators that it is rarely the big, splashy pieces that make an impact. Rather, it is the overall effect of how each piece complements and works with every other object in the room.