This work is titled “I Wish You Hadn’t Asked” – presumably the question was: what would it be like were the rain to fall within rather than outside of your home?

Created by The Glue Society (images by Nicolai Lorenzen) for the Sculpture By the Sea Festival in Denmark, this quaint but fully furnished one-story abode was built abroad, shipped in and outfitted with pipes that blast 200 liters per minute into its various rooms.

Most of this impressive torrent is recirculated back within the semi-closed system, sheeting down before being pumped back up from below the porous floorboards … like an endlessly-recycled, never-fixed ceiling link times a hundred thousand or so.

A combination of architecture and installation art, the piece concerns “that moment in a relationship when something is said, or done, that can’t be taken back. And the rot sets in.”

And it will play out as planned- while visitors can walk through now (with or without a raincoat) it will soon become a hostile and then downright dangerous place to occupy, before utterly falling apart. In many ways, it is simply a fast-forwarded look at the life of any human-built structure.