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Just like ordinary concrete surfaces, it looks a tad dull and drag when dry … but put it in a place with condensation-producing heat, running water or natural rain and it reveals hidden decorative designs (that disappear again as it dries).

Conceived by Frederik Molenschot and Susanne Happle, it is a bit like the old bathroom mirror trick – the writing, picture or pattern appears and disappears with moisture content. On a humid day you might get partial glimpses of what would be fully visible during a torrential downpour.

Floral patterns and falling leaves conjure images of sidewalks and steps where organic matter fell before the poured concrete fully dried, but the possibilities beyond that are endless as well – spirals of words in your bathroom sink, interactive decor  in public places, steamy subliminal messages in urban night clubs or remote saunas.

While custom and cast-in-place patterns are possible, prefab repeating modules make this a store-shelf-ready concept just waiting to enjoy mass production and commercial distribution.