fortnum and mason tritensil
The famous spoon and fork combination known as the spork is super-handy in all kinds of situations. It’s especially useful when you’re hiking or picnicking thanks to its light weight. The designers at Map Studio worked with famed English department store Fortnum & Mason to take the spork one step further and and create a tritensil.
stainless steel tritensil
The tritensil is actually a revival of a tool invented by Fortnum & Mason during WWI. The spoon, fork, and knife combo was targeted toward Army soldiers to lighten their pack loads and make mealtime easier in the field.
plastic tritensil
Now, the department store is offering a bio-plastic version in their in-store eateries. When you compare the ecological impact of this single utensil with the impact of a full set of plastic utensils – fork, knife, and spoon – there’s a weight reduction of 46% and a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions.
unique tritensil
The tritensil was specifically designed with F&M’s cuisine in mind. The tines are useful for salads, the curved side is perfect for spooning up desserts, and the knife section is just right for cutting through soft items and spreading clotted cream and jam. The knife tines aren’t pointed, so they aren’t sharp enough to cut up your mouth when you take a bite.
left and right handed sporks

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In a little touch of perfection, the designers created left-handed and right-handed versions of the tritensil to make it simple for everyone to use. The plastic version of the tritensil is given with takeaway meals, while the beautiful stainless steel version is available in F&M’s luxury food hampers.