diy desk declutter idea
It happens to the best of us: we get seduced by some sleek ultramodern furniture design and forget to factor in what it will look like when we add cables, cords and other peripherals that have become essential in this age of electronic and digital technology. This idea solves the problem from the other direction: rather than boasting an initially simple design, it relies on your actions after-the-fact to transform a messy desk into a brilliantly clean workspace.
diy desk clutter solution
Van Mardian may have been the first to publicize this simple DIY desk organizing idea, but many people have since (and likely before) come to the same conclusion: a simple piece of composite pegboard mounted underneath a work surface makes it easy to use wire, zip ties or whatever other fasteners you may have handy and attach all your necessary-but-ugly essentials so they are not seen from above.
diy desk organizer project

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His particular project, however, stands out from the pack for its adaptability: by using dowels instead of screws, the pegboard is easily released so that new things can be added (or old electronics subtracted) from the underside of the desk without having to make the changes upside down. Since he first built his version, Van has received many submissions and photographs of variant projects using the same basic tools, strategies and methods. All you really need is a screwdriver and some basics from the local hardware store – all cheap and easy to buy.