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Ever take inspiration from a simple envelop, envision alternate uses for a set of functional wrenches or wonder what other shape a mirror could take? As much a series of designer explorations as anything, this strange set of objects was derived from the aesthetics of engineering married to ordinary household functions.

A finely designed tool – be it a spatula, spanner or square – can have a certain elegance and timeliness to it, which these designs play upon (in addition to our associated memories).?Moreover, something like a wrench set (naturally of varying lengths) turns out to be surprisingly well-suited to a similar need but different purpose – in this case, a multiple candle holder.

And while it might seem neat that a slide rule looks a lot like a hanger, the movement is a critical part of the piece as well: sliding the metal part makes two types of clothes hanging (shirt or pants) device out of one normally wooden design object (double meaning intended).

Jennifer Rabatel walked through hardware stores rather than luxury outlets to gather ideas for these related projects. Cues for their ultimate creation were not, however, just taken on the visual side – simple, strong and durable materials were chosen that mirrored the functionality of each original source.