Russian, raw and radical, this apartment design in Moscow may seem cold to some but also seems curiously cozy despite (or because) of the repetitive use of industrial materials for everything from the steel walls, windows, doors and floors down to the built-in corrugated room dividers, flat glass table surfaces and other furniture and furnishings.

Originally a singular, largely undifferentiated open floor plan, a major part of this remodel by designer Peter Kostelov involved dividing the wide-open space into a series of individual rooms, including a newly-divided set bedroom, kitchen, guest bathroom and living room areas.

Metal corrugation, visible welds and exposed rivets break up what might otherwise be an overly harsh minimalist series of spaces. These and other details bring a smaller scale to large planes of single materials and undifferentiated surfaces all around.

The finished remodel has little by way of traditional decoration – instead, material qualities that were a natural part of the construction process and materials chosen became the core elements of style and decor in the final project. Whether or not the gray, black, beige and silver color scheme or minimalist style are for you, there is nonetheless a compelling consistency to this complete top-to-bottom industrial redesign.