Sleeping outdoors is grand, but setting up and taking down the tents is far less fun. Nantes-based studio Raum created this lovely home in northern France for a family who wanted to combine indoor and outdoor living.



The House in Sarzeau occupies a hilltop on the outskirts of the town. It features a distinctive shape, with half of the home consisting of one level only, then exploding into a a two-story segment. The larger part of the home has a small notch in one end that shelters the ground-level terrace.



It is this terrace that holds the bedrooms when they are moved outside. Two wheeled rooms-in-boxes made of birch provide sleeping areas for the family’s two children. The boxes can be relocated anywhere on the first level or, of course, pushed outdoors for a nice camping experience.



A sunroom at the back of the home provides another location for the kids to wheel their private rooms to. Wherever the rooms go, extension cords reach out to provide power to the little boxes. Free-standing furniture can be moved and rearranged to accommodate the placement of the bedrooms, making the home a truly fluid living space that is never quite “finished” in its evolution.



A small staircase leads upstairs to the master bedroom which features an enormous picture window that allows the residents to look out over the lovely village. The home even boasts a green roof that lets it blend in with the stunning forest just behind it.