The magnificent Fresno House in Carilo, Argentina is a sunny modern retreat for its owners, a place between the forest and the ocean in which to let the rest of the world melt away.

Built by Felix Raspall and Federico Papandrea, the shape and characteristics of the home were informed by the site on which it sits. And the site is truly beautiful; the home was built on a sloping lot in a small forest clearing. Trees as far as the eye can see are the nearest neighbors.

Some of the most striking features of this overall-impressive home are the floating staircase bisecting the living room and the ample built-in storage units which line the walls and keep the home free of clutter.

The ground floor of the Fresno House is utterly open, consisting of floor-to-ceiling windows that allow for the best possible view of the surrounding forest. A large terrace and built-in grill beckon those inside to step out into the fresh air.

An outdoor pool and enormous patio likewise call residents and visitors to enjoy the spectacular setting. One could easily fall asleep on the patio’s outdoor furniture…

…If the comfortable second-floor bedrooms weren’t so inviting. The owners must have a truly stellar year-round home to call this incredible house their temporary summer lodging.