Design is one thing – deployment is another. All of the ingenious storage and shelving in the world cannot help if the person utilizing them does not do so with forethought and intentionality, as this incredible space-saver craft room illustrates.

Etsy seller Megan of?Crafty Intentions used off-the-shelf solutions like IKEA and Lowe’s wall shelves, flea-market find and standard-sized glass jars, lights and other economical products to piece together this elaborate-looking system for her home crafts area.

Stored with a sense of immaculate organization are endless collections of beads, fabrics, yarns, ribbons and other material scraps, odds and ends … the list goes on, and all readily at hand for on-demand sewing and general crafting purposes, placed on dowels, suspended from strings in baskets, slotted into cabinet drawers, hung from the walls, laddered along -stepped-up, wall-mounted shelves and more.

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While style, color and other aesthetic choices are highly subjective, this is truly an inspirational space – the principles and approaches employed here would work for anything from a personal printing studio to a homemade woodworking shop.?So much stuff would be impossible to manage without these kinds of fine-tuned arrangements for accessibility and organizational clarity.