inception coffee table 1

An entire city turns on its head to support your coffee table books, mugs and remotes with this stunningly crafted wooden table by Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris, reminiscent of the movie ‘Inception.’ In that 2010 film, a dream-within-a-dream concept enables hallucinatory scenes of urban settings bending and folding upon themselves seamlessly, defying all laws of gravity and logic.

inception coffee table 3

In his 3D-printed table, Mousarris arranges streets, sidewalks and skyscrapers as they would appear in a real city, with the plane they’re built upon curving upward until more than half of the neighborhood slice hanging upside-down. But in an interview with 3Ders, the designer says his inspiration really came from waves. “I wanted to merge two completely different things together: the ocean, something very organic and beautiful, with buildings, something very manmade.”

inception coffee table 2

Mousers designed the table using 3D modeling programs Rhino and Cinema4D. Bending a thin steel frame into the desired shape, he covered it with a layer of veneer plywood and then had a local 3D printer manufacture dozens of buildings for the city scene. This step alone took about a month to complete before the individual buildings could be glued to the base.

inception coffee table 4

The one-of-a-kind table is currently available for €5,000.