nutshell privacy pod

Taking breaks from your workday is an essential part of keeping your sanity, but the typical cubicle farm doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy. Designer Eden Lew is covering up the lack of personal space with a collapsible, wearable pod meant to give you a little bit of sweet, sweet peace.

collapsible wearable nutshell privacy pod

Lew designed the Nutshell as part of a design course that required students to “redesign the next thing they threw out.” For Lew, that thing was a sandwich wrapper. Over the course of seven weeks, that throwaway wrapper turned into a peaceful, if slightly odd-looking, little respite space for the office worker.

wearable privacy pod

The Nutshell comes with straps for wearing it kind of like a backpack. When you find yourself in need of peace, you just pull it over your head, covering your far and all the way down to your waist. Pulling the pod on and popping some earbuds in lets you effectively turn off your senses for a short time.

nutshell personal privacy wearable pod

Lew envisions a companion app to go along with the Nutshell that will encourage wearers to meditate while using the device. So far the Nutshell is a concept, but the designer is considering exploring ways to make it into an actual product for frustrated office workers everywhere.