Fixed-end shelving defines the boundaries for your books with no flexibility – bookends on longer shelves, however, always feel somehow additive, sometimes fall over when moved (or stationary), and may not mingle well with your collection. There had to be a middle path – and here it is.

From creators Colleen & Eric, “Your books are no longer in danger of toppling over. Over-sized wing-nut allows bookend to slide into place and be secured wherever it’s needed. Offered in Beech, Walnut and Oak. Water based stain and all natural Shellac finish. Aluminum cube and wingnut powder-coated.”

Right now it remains a prototype, but unlike many more far-fetched and high-tech concepts, this one is a very reachable reality for the designers if there is enough interest in their work.

More about the makers: “Colleen & Eric’s products strive to provoke thought, or at least make you smile, while upholding the highest standards of craft, quality and sustainability. Most of their work is done in-house, using North American grown woods, water-based glues and natural finishes. Outsourced work is done locally, and U.S. made components are used whenever possible. Winners of the NASA/Etsy SpaceCraft contest, an image of their Northstar Table was flown aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor on its final voyage.”