illusion shelves

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Shelves are only shelves until they are adorned with your personal collection of knick-knacks, right? The Vase Shelves from Bakery Design are the exception to that rule. The beech wood shelves are supported by built-in white vases.

wooden vases shelves

The vases are actually wooden supports that hold up the shelves from both ends. Because many conventional shelves display vases, they look perfectly natural where they are. It isn’t until further inspection that it becomes apparent the vases are not what they appear.

vase shelves 1

Even when the shelves are empty of personal possessions, they still appear to display objects of pride. When they are bare, the vases provide the focal point and look like an artsy arrangement of fine glassware.

vase shelves 2

vase shelves 3

The Vase Shelves are modular and customizable. Shelves can be added or removed depending on your needs. The wooden lathe-turned vases are secured to the planks with bolts to ensure that they are as stable and functional as they are visually interesting.