Mukomelov Shark Lamp

Would the sight of a shark fin rising from the dark, still surface of your desk give you a momentary scare, even if you knew rationally that there’s no danger? The Shark Lamp by Ukrainian designer Aleksandr Mukomelov capitalizes on our natural fear of these razor-toothed predators to add a little bit of excitement to a room.

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Mukomelov Shark Lamp in the home

The designer hand-carved the shape from wood and sanded it smooth to create the prototype, but the lamp is now being manufactured in sleek white plastic by lighting company Moree, and can be purchased at Nostraforma.

Mukomelov Shark Lamp glowing
Mukomelov Shark Lamp prototype

“A close view of a shark fin subconsciously causes a sensation of risk and adrenaline discharge,” says Mukomelov. “Appearing in the ocean, it instantly scares away all the flesh around it. But ‘Shark Lamp’ scares away only the surrounding darkness, for what it is actually designed.”

Mukomelov Infinity Bath luxury tub

Mukomelov’s other designs are just as clever, and many have won coveted Red Dot Design Awards. Check out the Infinity Bath: “This bath’s shape is designed in such a way, that the maximum comfort and privacy can be achieved in the easiest way. Also, it can be used by two persons at a time, if desired. During the water procedures process the stimulation of at once four out of five known human senses: eyesight, sense of smell, sense of touch and sense of hearing is performed. And all of it is realized with the help of the scents, music, tactile and visual perception.”

Mukomelov Infinity Bath

“The bath is equipped with the innovative system, which consists of the removable cartridges with various components, which vary from the sea salt to the aromatic oils and perfume. The bath’s remote control, which is mounted on its side panel, allows to approach the bathing process individually: to easily adjust the desired water temperature, water supply rate, hydro-massage jets modes, select music, choose oil or perfume for aromatherapy.”