Pretty much everything about having a cat companion is great — except for having to clean their litter box, of course. They’re messy and unpleasant, and they often require daily maintenance lest things get out of hand and stink up the entire house. While many cat owners will say the task is worthwhile in exchange for feline friendship, the wonders of modern technology may have just found a smart way around it.

The iKuddle Auto-Pack Litter Box keeps your cat’s restroom area tidy with very little maintenance on your part, and unlike the vast majority of litter boxes, it’s attractive enough to leave in a visible location. The iKuddle auto-scoops clumps out of the litter and right into a waste bag contained within itself, freeing you from the need to scoop it up every single day.

You don’t even have to fuss with the waste bags anymore. When they’re full, simply press the auto-packing button on the litter box or the accompanying mobile app, and it’ll pack the waste for you. All you have to do is pull it out of the box and throw it away. As if all that wasn’t enough, the self-cleaning litter box will even load a new bag for you, giving you another seven days of use by a single cat until it’s full again. Plus, a built-in deodorizing system using a carbon filter keeps the space feeling fresh and eliminates 80 to 90 percent of odors.

The iKuddle helps look after your cat’s health, too. Its developers explain: “The sensing system monitors how often your feline friend uses the litter box. You’re able to detect if something is wrong by looking at the data on the app and comparing it to how much waste your cat produces. The sensor [also] detects your cat entering and exiting the box. If your cat hops back in during a cleaning, the unit pauses the cycle automatically.”

“iKuddle’s built-in lithium battery (24V, 2200mAh) lasts for two weeks between charges. It also comes with a charging cable that lets you use iKuddle practically anywhere in your home. Unlike other self-cleaning litter boxes, iKuddle’s detachable components, such as the scooper and litter box enclosure, allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.”

If you’ve ever had a self-cleaning litter box before, you know how loud they can be. Cats that are easily startled tend to be afraid of them, and the last thing you want is for your cat to develop an aversion to their litter box. If you’re concerned about the automatic features scaring your cat, you can always disable the auto-scoop action and just press a button on the side of the litter box or activate the scoop from the iKuddle app when your cat’s in another room.

Unsurprisingly, cat owners are pretty excited about this gadget. Within a week of its crowdfunding debut on Kickstarter, the iKuddle raised $655,000 from over 2,000 backers, and that number just keeps ticking up as the campaign continues. If you’re interested in snagging one for yourself, you better do it quick. By backing the project now, you can get $130 off the final retail price of one iKuddle Auto-Pack Litter Box, among many other rewards.