augmented reality ikea catalog
We admit it: we’ve cut little pictures furniture out of Ikea catalogs and held them up at arm’s length to see how it would look in a room. But the furniture retailer’s 2014 catalog makes it much easier to see just how their pieces would look in your home, no scissors required.
ikea augmented reality catalog
The augmented reality catalog works with your tablet or smartphone with the Ikea app. All you have to do is place the catalog on the floor in the place you imagine the new piece sitting. Then, use the app to select the product that you’d like to see there.
see ikea objects in your home before you buy them

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And then, hey-presto, you’ve got an augmented reality view of your room with your dream piece of Ikea furniture right there on your device’s screen. That way you can tell if the object you’re thinking of buying will look as amazing as you imagine or if it will ruin the look of the whole room.
There are only 90 pieces to choose from on the app currently, but it would be pretty amazing to eventually plan an entire home using this virtual window into the world of Swedish furniture.