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The format of the standard IKEA assembly manual has become so widely recognized that farces seem to be sprouting up everywhere, covering coffins to babies to dynamite – even stonehenge is not immune.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the latest series takes the Ikea parodies even further (yes, it is possible) into the realm of science fiction, fantasy, humor and history.

Created by Caldwell Tanner, Susanna Wolff and Conor McKeon of College Humor, this set spans from classic to contemporary sci fi – Back to the Future, Doctor Who and Star Wars – as well as dinosaurs, for some added entertainment. Insider references abound, so do not feel dismayed if you are not geeky enough to recognize each joke and allusion.

Each one has the standard formula: goofy cartoons, instructions that are much less clear than they should be, and no words except for the titles, which have been Ikea-ized so they sound vaguely Swedish. Say them out loud and you’ll figure out what each one is.