As indispensable as IKEA is to homes and businesses around the world, providing affordable, fuss-free basics and fun designs, the brand has still been missing something essential: products for pets. Crafty consumers who couldn’t quite find what they were looking for on the Swedish mega-retailer’s shelves have long “hacked” their own solutions using IKEA components, including a whole lot of dog houses, cat hammocks, litter box cabinets, and feeding stations. While IKEA hacks will always be fun, you no longer need to DIY quite so many of your own pet goods to fit them seamlessly into your home.

IKEA’s new “LURVIG” range offers a wide selection of fun items made for four-legged family members, and as always, the price is right. Created by pet-loving designers, LURVIG (which means “shaggy” or “hairy” in Swedish) features dozens of products, including beds, tunnels, scratching posts, carriers, leashes, bowls, and toys. But the very best of the offerings might be those designed to fit into key IKEA furniture items like the KALLAX shelving unit.

Highlights of the collection include a KALLAX cat bed insert in black and green ($10.99), so your cat doesn’t have to knock over your books and keepsakes in order to occupy one of the cubbies, and a scratching mat that wraps around just about any table leg ($7.99). The LURVIG cat house ($49.99) also fits into the KALLAX, or you can place it on an included set of legs as an inhabitable nightstand.

In the dog zone, you’ll find a series of simple beds with washable covers, a few fun toys, reflective harnesses ($9.99), a water-resistant blanket ($19.99) to protect surfaces in your home and car from fur and muddy paws, and a host of other items priced well below similar offerings at your local pet store. The pups don’t get quite as many standout products as the cats, however, and there are a few missed opportunities that we hope IKEA will consider producing in the future. Dedicated litter box cabinets that offer concealment and easy access would be nice, after all — as would cat climbing trees and dog houses.

Knowing people already use various IKEA products for their pets even though they’re not marketed that way, IKEA’s promo photos for the LURVIG range nod to the possibility of turning LACK shelves into cat perches and putting cat grass in wall-mounted planters. The new pet-specific products really just augment the creative uses IKEA fans have found for existing items throughout the store.

“I feel that my pets are the ones who can really take me to the present moment,” says designer Inma Bermudéz, who worked on the collection. “Our pets have their own personalities, but they have five things in common: they love sleeping, eating, playing, exercising, and being close to us. So these behaviors have been the first thing on our minds when designing these products. It’s really important to use an animal’s natural needs and behaviors (like how they sleep, eat, or play) as a starting point. Then we can design a product that fits in with our human needs, such as style and form.”