Inspired by the work of René Magritte, award winning British artist Jake Phipps describes his  ‘Jeeves and Wooster’ pendant, table and wall lights as ‘a playful take on lighting with a real sense of cultural identity.  The hat is an object that often associates its wearer with a particular society, heritage or race.’  He set up his London design studio in 2005 and these lights are very much at home in England’s capital, though nowadays a city gent is much less likely to actually wear a fine British bowler on his head.
JEEVES & WOOSTER Pendant Lights by Jake Phipps

These pendant lights are modelled on classic British headwear, which according to Phipps, reflect  ‘a bygone era of imperialism, class divide and eccentricity.’  They’re named after  twentieth century British author P.G.Wodehouse’s double act – Bertie Wooster and Reginal Jeeves, an upper class twit and his canny valet. The silver and gold interiors are reflective of luxury and wealth and they also reflect the light, in what would otherwise be a counter intuitive, overly dark light fitting.

JEEVES Table Lamp by Jake Phipps

The bowler hat was typically worn by English civil servants and the top hat by the upper classes, though in a fun twist the bowler has a gold interior. With a nod to the limitations of its dense black shade, the table lamp can be tilted to redirect the light across a desk or table.

JEEVES Table Lamp by Jake Phipps

JEEVES Wall Lamp by Jake Phipps

The Jeeves wall light is elegant and subdued, creating ambient lighting with its witty take on British cultural identity.

Phipps also creates one-off pieces, like his tactile glass coffee table with its groovy, entwined wooden base.

FLUX Console Table

According to his website, throughout his artworks ‘there is a playful design elegance that aims to strike a strong emotional chord with the people that will use them.’ Whether it’s hats as lights or snake-like wooden forms as table bases, there is a pleasing twist to his work that makes it fun, classic and memorable.