The word ‘icon’ has multiple meanings – the mark of many iconic buildings is that they recognizable in the form of simplified sketches or icons.

Thus this video, Covers, in which ordinary items are stacked, skewered and suspended to form shapes we readily associate with famous structures around the world.

From the Sears Tower to Falling Water, in many cases it is possible to take just a few books, or knives, some electronics or dinnerware, and communicate the essential outline of a building’s design.

“The concept is based on the music covers where the original is manipulated, re-represented, revisited to create something new. The list of originals covered on this work are the following: John Hancock Center (Skidmore, Owings & Merril), Guggenheim Museum New York (Frank Lloyd Wright), National Congress of Brazil (Oscar Niemeyer) Sears Tower (Skidmore, Owings & Merril), New Museum (SANAA), Marina City Towers (Bletrand Goldberg), Fallingwater House (Frank Lloyd Wright), Villa in the Forest (SANAA), Farnsworth House (Mies Van der Rohe), Wozocos (MVRDV).”