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There is something strange about floating homes that look like regular houses, except sitting atop the surface of the water. While this retreat may also look unusual at first glance, it ultimately represents a far more site-specific approach to building a houseboat than simply sending an a-frame abode out to see.

These crafty cottages look like abstract little icebergs or natural rock formations, showing only part of their structure – half of the buildings are submerged with windows that provide underwater views.

Like a real iceberg, most of the dwelling lies under the water. Stabilizing pontoons and a hull-like shell keep it in place and free of leaks.?This submersion approach is part of what frees the design from excessive energy consumption and physical tethers, since the water can help naturally regulate internal temperatures (and negate the need for air conditioning).

Walking outside is less like stepping out onto a porch or balcony and more like wandering up to the surface of a stone, complete with angled areas and drop-offs you can dive from. A fan of organic forms in everything from green homes to urban skyscrapers, Daniel Andersson has outdone himself with this simple and natural floating retreat design.