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All kinds of adorable, these converted cat sleepers make for the cutest of naps – as if your feline friend were not already sufficiently snugly!

Atomic Attic is an Oregon company (with an online presence at Etsy) specializing in recycled vintage goods, and while many of their neatest creations come from old suitcases (set on stilts and cushioned with retro pillows) they have other varieties as well.

A hollowed-out television provides an enclosed resting space for cats, while its antenna can be tethered to a play toy for additional amusement.

Square suitcases work, but round and otherwise oddly-shaped ones can as well, all with different kinds of (generally also reused) parts of old furniture pieces (wooden bed feet, metal office chair legs and the like).

Their suitcase sleepers, meanwhile, “comes with removable, triple stitched, machine washable fluffy cushion for cleaning convenience” and depending on the make and model, the bottoms may also be “reinforced with a fabric wrapped plywood insert for strength and durability.” It also helps sales, no doubt, to have such an obliging feline model at hand and ready to work hard at sleeping on a soft surface!