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All you need for a comfortable nap in literally any location is this ordinary-looking sweatshirt and the three seconds it takes to blow up the inflatable pillow hidden inside its hood. Offering warmth, a cozy feel, built-in cushioning and a hood that’s long enough to pull down over your eyes, the Hypnos Hoodie is quick and easy to use and stow away, and super-discreet, so you can surreptitiously catch some shut-eye in the library or on the train without having to pull out an actual pillow.

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The inflatable pillow is ergonomically designed to cradle the head against any hard surface, whether it’s a car seat, a wall or a bench. The valve opening is conveniently located just inside the oversized hood with a flap covering, keeping the inflatable inconspicuous. Hidden inside a tailored-fit pocket, the pillow can be removed or inserted at any time.

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The hoodie comes in black, white and several shades of gray, in pullover and zip-up styles. There’s also a water-resistant jacket version on the way. If your pillow should pop, replacement inflatables are available. The Hypnos Hoodie successfully raised a round of funding on Kickstarter, and a shop offering a range of options will be opening soon.