Hypetex Chair 1

Developed by Formula 1 racing car engineers, the ultra-lightweight carbon fiber material known as Hypetex has entered the design world in the form of a highly graphic chair. London-based designer Michael Sodeau crafted the thin, flexible material into comfortable seating with a strong, dynamic shape.

Hypetex Chair 4

Sodeau designed the chair to make the most of the composite material’s unique properties, creating thin, tapered supports that connect the circular back to the rear legs. This makes it appear as if the back is floating.

Hypetex Chair 2

The wing-shaped seat, so thin it hardly looks substantial enough to support the weight of an adult, stands on three simple legs. The chair bears Hypetex’s signature texture. Seven years in the making, Hypetex is available in a wide range of colors and can be molded into practically any shape.

Hypetex Chair 3

“Hypetex has opened doors in terms of new design possibilities,” says Sodeau. “Its strength, lightness and vibrant color options make it an exciting new material for the design industry.”